Robert Williams

Robert Williams

Robert Williams is an abstract artist whose love for art began as a painter and

faux finisher. As he grew and began to master areas of painting technique in

faux finishing, he had a desire to do more with this creative God given talent he

had stumbled upon. As he began researching different types of art and artists,

he found he had a passion for abstract art, and that’s where the journey began.


Robert has studied under Anton Weiss, a former student of Hans Hoffman,

and Lisa Jennings, both of Nashville, Tennessee. Some of his influences are

Antoni Tapies, Oscar Murillo, Willem DeKooning and Jackson Pollock. His

work has been featured at York and Friends Gallery, Art on the West Side, and

Martin Masters Fine Art in middle Tennessee. Robert has received Best in

Show in 2017 by the South Mississippi Art Association.


"Art is a journey, constantly evolving from one thing to another. Sometimes,

you can spill paint on a canvas and magically, in no time at all, you’ve created a

masterpiece. Other times, you may have to work harder at it, but that’s the

beauty of the journey. I love to paint, it’s my release, my sanctuary. Painting,

for me, is a way of life. I have to do it, not for money, but for internal joy. I

thank God everyday for blessing me not only with this talent, but for the solace

it brings me. I am blessed to be living in a world full of color and boundless

opportunities." Robert Williams


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