Greg Ragland

Greg Ragland

Greg Ragland was born in Augusta, GA and grew up in Colorado Springs, CO. He studied architecture at Arizona State University and received his BFA from Art Center College of Design and his MFA from the University of Utah. 

​“Watching the flight of birds moving through the sky began many years ago for me. I spent hours watching the clouds move and the birds cross overhead. Those skies fueled a never-ending love of color and movement. The colors evoke moods and feelings that cause my imagination to flow. This series of paintings is a contemporary take on typically traditional subject matter. The twist of the rendered bird imagery is cast into the minimal composition of the highly developed surfaces of the ‘color fields.’ These paintings are expressions or rather interruptions of spontaneous experiences in nature. It is my hope that a viewer gets lost in the calming beauty of bird in flight and the seductive nature of the color field in which they exist.”

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