Claude Le Blanc

Claude Le Blanc

The search for authenticity is what looks for Claude. His workshop is quite “minimalist”, uncluttered and uncontaminated by the presence of computer assisted drawing tools, touch up software or vector based programs, which he used for many years. Now he came back to basics: painting. He works on multiple painting simultaneously. He begins by deconstructing them, than reconstructs them and transforms them. This is done so successfully that he quips “the works will remain in danger until I’ll get them out of the studio”

Claude Le Blanc is a graduate in Fine Arts from the Collège Vieux-Montréal. He exploited several technics and opted for the brush stroke and oil painting. The ink knife scraping quickly across the surface of the material creates a pattern of sound, almost music like. The porous nature of the material allows for beautiful texture as the paint is absorbed.

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