Atlanta woodturner, Kevin Sheehan, has a passion for working with wood. He has a tendency to follow the sound of chainsaws in hopes of rescuing the logs from downed trees which would otherwise end up in the landfill. His hollowform vessels start as rough logs and with the help of the lathe, transform into elegant, modern forms. He enjoys the time-consuming challenge of working on hollow forms where the cutting end of the tools are hidden from view, and there is a high risk of cutting right through the side of a nearly complete piece. Kevin works primarily with local woods, including golden-toned mulberry, chocolate-streaked ambrosia maple, red-tinged box elder and intricate cherry burl. He especially loves working with spalted woods where the natural process of decay brings out unique colors and patterns that give the wood additional character.

Kevin is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, and when he is not turning wood, he is either running his graphic design company, See See Eye, or playing guitar, hiking, camping and spending time with his family