“I was certain that I should be an artist from the time I was very young,” Margot Longreen says. From an artistic family--her grandfather was a professional artist and a great inspiration, she always found ways to express her creativity. She began college as a Fine Arts major at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, but life influences led her to change paths. She received a Masters in Social Work and practiced as a psychotherapist for more than 20 years. “It was a form of creativity,” she says, “and a way of sharing and helping people.”

A move to Atlanta in 2009 motivated her to pursue her dream to be a full-time artist. She continues to hone her skills in drawing and oil painting through classes and workshops. “The heart of my art is to capture the essence of a person, place or mood in my work. I like challenges,” she says, “and, for me, art is a process of endless discovery and learning.”

Margot has exhibited in invitational shows and a number of juried group shows in Georgia and Wisconsin. She and two siblings mounted their “Three Sisters” show at the Perkins Place Gallery in Medford, Wisconsin, where Margot’s work was displayed for several years.  She participates in Art Bar’s (bar/art gallery) annual Mini Arts shows in Milwaukee and her work has hung at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, Wisconsin. She is a member of Atlanta Artists Center, Johns Creek Art Center in metro Atlanta.