I view a large portion of my paintings as being autobiographical. My story is interwoven with early memories filled with colors, sounds, and shapes found in southeastern Ohio. My concept of painting is in the abstract, as a way to chart thoughts intuitively and this form has always held a passionate place in my soul. Landscapes, floral and the human figure are the primary influences of my painting subject matter. By blending intuitive and experimental lyrical marked references, I see my paintings taking on a distinct personality of their own. An interesting observation of my work is the handling and interactions of line with color blocking techniques. My paintings seem to have a transcending spirit that holds your interest and takes you by surprise.

Recycling literal or in my thoughts has been a big part of my art, which I incorporate with the love of printing, drawing and paint. Each work created helps me examine the ever evolving themes that are addressed. An expressionistic balancing act is the goal with my work that I always attempt to reach.

​I recently noticed my paintings have revisited references of past organic works. These new works are from the series entitled Changing Seasons, which I attempted to examine seasonal organic shapes in various lighting. The charcoal pencil markings intertwined with multiply levels of collage and paint often reminds me of preparing a meal from the steps of a cooking receipt. Ironically I spent many years in the food industry before producing art full time. 

​Atlanta is where I call home. Today I continue to explore new avenues and experiments with new techniques with my work.