Gary Korlin was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1956. His formal training began at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, but was soon replaced with the more traditional approach of Atelier Lack. After continuing and completing his studies at the New York Academy of Art, he relocated in the mountains outside of Florence Italy.

Although his work leans toward impressionism, it is definitely done by the hand of an academic who has a firm grasp on draughtsman ship rooted in the French Academic tradition. Korlin is an avid sketcher, believing that 'being there' to capture the feeling of the scene or object is essential. Finding the tonal and color arrangements that recreate this feeling is where he concentrates his efforts as opposed to solely 'copying' an object. The feeling of something can be very different than the delineated look.

‚ÄčThis naturalistic style to his work has no alternative but to draw the viewer in, to experience the painter's time there. Korlin strives to paint atmosphere, claiming that in painting, light is only a by-product of the atmosphere that it creates. From life-scale figures to landscapes, his work has been painted and hangs in collections of everywhere that he has traveled.‚Äč